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Introducing the new Trend Book for Spring | Summer 2026 - available for pre-order now!

I am excited to announce that the upcoming edition, set to be released in September 2024, is now open for pre-orders. By securing your copy today, you'll ensure that you'll be among the first to receive this essential style guide as soon as it becomes available.

What to expect in the new TH Style Guide:

  • Authentic TPG Pantone swatches for the most accurate colour representation
  • Actual material samples to provide tactile inspiration
  • In-depth information and insights for designers, buyers, manufacturers, importers, and stylists
  • 4 key colour palettes showcasing the leading colour palettes for the season
  • Multiple inspiring themes, with each colour palette translated in various unique ways
  • High-quality images and examples to bring each theme to life
  • Innovative ideas to help you incorporate the trends into your new product collections

Please note that as the Trend Book is currently in the development process, the exact number of pages and colour card translations are yet to be determined. I am working diligently to create a comprehensive and valuable resource for professionals in the industry.

Through thorough research and gathering global inspiration, I aim to curate the most influential and relevant trends for the upcoming season.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. Pre-order your copy of the TH Style Guide today and be prepared to inspire and captivate your audience with the latest trends for Spring | Summer 2026.


Please keep in mind that as this is a pre-order, the Trend Book will be shipped to you as soon as it is released in September 2024.

All information provided is subject to change, and no rights can be derived from the details mentioned above.

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