Hi! I'm Titia Huisman

After studying 'Arts & Graphic Design’ I got a job at a Trend Agency, as a designer and trend forecaster in the home and interior industry. In 1997 I started making trend books there, I traveled abroad to do product development, drew new designs for interior items and I did styling for photography and at booths.


In 2005 I continued this work with Joke Scholtalbers in our joint venture THJS and the Cook Book. Every six months we published a new trend book of which we have sold many, both within and outside Europe. I really enjoyed our collaboration and our great friendship. All the beautiful trend journeys we did together, the assignments we did for clients, the lectures we gave in New York, Shanghai and many other places are a great memory.


Miss Antenna

Years ago I started the instagram account '@missantenna'. I started sharing my photos, taken during travels and vacations. The antenna refers to foreign countries; in the Netherlands we hardly see them anymore, the amount of antennas on rooftops. Antennas are receivers and transmitters. The word suits me. All the more so because antennas are also the sense organs of insects. They contain senses of many kinds: smell, taste, touch or hearing.

Recently I expanded this instagram account. I started with the website: 'missantenna.com'. In the future I hope to sell some beautiful products here. The first products are online already: 'Verzin' and 'Verbeeld' are (Dutch) books with poems, written by Monique Huisman and photos and graphic design by me. 

"She has an eye for details, professionally and in her home, or in the photos she loves to take.

Here too, the attention and focus for special cut-outs, accents and colours speaks.

Titia shares her photos on instagram: @missantenna



Noun (plural antennae or antennas) |  1.  A feeler organ on the head of an insect, crab, or other animal. [from 17th c.] | 2.  An apparatus to receive or transmit electromagnetic waves and convert respectively to or from an electrical signal | 3.  (figuratively) The faculty of intuitive astuteness.