During our trend presentation we take you through the different themes and colors from THJS Cover. And we also explain why we think that these colors, materials and shapes will be important in the coming seasons.

After all, trends never stand alone. They are always related to developments and changes in society. Your collection will sell much better if the products fit in well with the wishes and lifestyle of the consumer.

In our trend presentation, whether it is held online or offline, we will go into this in more detail. What are the changes that affect people's lifestyles? We look very broadly: in the field of design and living, but also in the field of politics, the environment, automation, artificial intelligence, music, film, design and art. How do people feel? And what kind of products will they want in the future?

In this presentation, the themes from THJS Cover are extensively discussed: We talk about the colors, shapes, materials and designs that reinforce each other in the different themes.

This presentation gives you a clear overview of the trends and insight into the changes in the field of lifestyle on which they are based. This will allow you to better understand your customer and make well-considered choices for your collection.

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