THJS…that's us!

THJS, that's us: Titia Huisman and Joke Scholtalbers, two passionate and creative professionals. We have been advising companies on interior trends for more than twenty-five years.

With our advice you can tailor your collection to the wishes and lifestyle of the consumer. If you base product development on good trend information, it will certainly benefit sales.

No wonder that some companies have been working with our trend books for years on end and successfully base their collection on them!

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Titia Huisman

Titia has a special antenna when it comes to trends. She is passionate, analytical, and loves beauty and tranquility. She has an eye for details, both for THJS Cover and in her home, wardrobe or, for example, in the photos she loves to take. Here too, the attention and focus for special cut-outs, accents and colors speaks. She shares these photos on @missantenna.

She is the mother of a lovely teenage daughter, runs to stay in shape and enjoys being with friends. She loves the vibrant city life. And a glass of wine ;-)

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Joke Scholtalbers

Joke is in her element when it comes to color. You can see that in the themes of THJS Cover, but also in her house. She is always combining shapes, structures, flavors and colors: in her house, (built in an old church), her garden and even in the kitchen. She likes to capture what she sees  on instagram: @johannaleftthebuilding

She is happily married to Harmen, loves to travel and to cook for friends. She finds relaxation on the racing bike. Sometimes the best ideas for projects arise while she is cycling. Or, lately, while she's trying to make music on her harmonica ;-)

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