Are you looking for a way to translate trend information into your company and your collection? We are happy to inspire you!

This can be done in various ways: Use our expertise and hire us (part of) a day for a professional, critical look at your collection.

We also provide online or offline trend presentations, and organize workshops where you can work with your entire team on the translation of the trends to your collection.

We regularly produce exclusive trend books, which are completely tailored to the wishes of one specific company or product group.

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A good collection is in balance. Off course, the choice of color is essential. But a collection must also be well structured in terms of prints, design and structure.

For a company, putting together a collection takes an enormous amount of time and energy. Often different people do some of the work and when the samples eventually arrive, it turns out that not all elements match well. This is a common problem. Recognizable?

Our trend workshop can be the solution! This is an inspiring day on which we, together with your purchasing and / or styling team, make the start of the new collection.

What happens during a trend workshop?
During this workshop day, we present the relevant interior trends to your team at an inspiring location. Then they will work out the themes that are of interest to your company. We are there all day to answer questions, to think along and to make adjustments if necessary. By making things visual, your team will find out where there are differences of opinion or interpretation. And together you determine where the collection can be improved.

After a trend workshop, your team will go home with inspiring mood boards that can serve as a guideline for your new collection. And, most importantly, not only did they talk about it together from the start, but they also made it visual. They have the same direction in mind for all activities in the follow-up process. This will not only improve your collection enormously, but it will also work more easily and save time!

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During our trend presentation we take you through the different themes and colors from THJS Cover. And we also explain why we think that these colors, materials and shapes will be important in the coming seasons.

After all, trends never stand alone. They are always related to developments and changes in society. Your collection will sell much better if the products fit in well with the wishes and lifestyle of the consumer.

In our trend presentation, whether it is held online or offline, we will go into this in more detail. What are the changes that affect people's lifestyles? We look very broadly: in the field of design and living, but also in the field of politics, the environment, automation, artificial intelligence, music, film, design and art. How do people feel? And what kind of products will they want in the future?

In this presentation, the themes from THJS Cover are extensively discussed: We talk about the colors, shapes, materials and designs that reinforce each other in the different themes.

This presentation gives you a clear overview of the trends and insight into the changes in the field of lifestyle on which they are based. This will allow you to better understand your customer and make well-considered choices for your collection.

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Do you need more input, such as developing (part of) your collection? We can help with that too.

Whether it concerns color cards, adapted to your specific wishes and products, exclusive prints or product design. It can be an entire collection or a specific addition to it.

We are happy to use our years of experience with product development to give your collection that little bit extra. It is often possible that we make these designs in our office. Sometimes it is better to visit the factory so that we can make the best possible use of the possibilities on site. Of course all this is done in close consultation with you.


Do you need a trend book that is really tailored to the specific wishes, possibilities and products of your company?

We can arrange that for you! We translate and deepen the trend themes from THJS Cover with your company in mind, and create a unique and super inspiring trend book for you. (analog or digital)

This gives you a fantastic reference tool that provides a clear trend direction in your company. Think, for example, of ideas for the collection, for designs, shapes and techniques, but also of inspiration for more marketing-oriented activities such as the showroom design, exhibition stands, or the collection presentation to your customers.

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Do you need a fresh point of view? Someone who observes and can ask critical questions with the necessary expertise? Someone who sees where a collection can be improved. Someone who will make sure you don't overlook the blind spots in your collection.

That is possible! Hire our know-how on trends and design. We will view your collection with a positive, critical eye. Thanks to our many years of experience in product development for various companies, we have a keen eye for the way in which a collection, corporate identity or shop design can be improved and enhanced.

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