Titia Huisman


My heart is with interior. 

As a student I had a part-time job in a flower shop for five years. And after studying 'Drawing & Graphic design’ I got a job at a trend agency, as a designer and trend watcher in the interior industry. In 1997 I started making trend books there, I traveled abroad to factories to do product development, I drew new designs for interior items and I did styling for photography and booths. In 2005 I partly continued this work in our joint venture THJS. I enjoyed my collaboration with Joke: All the wonderful trend journeys we've made together, the assignments we have done for clients, the lectures we have given in New York, Shanghai and many other places, and above all a wonderful friendship.

When we were allowed to travel again to the Super Salone in Milan September 2021, after a year and a half spent in lockdown, I also noticed how I had missed that. It was wonderful to see all the new beautiful designs and interiors again; walking around with my camera and capturing that. It is wonderful to see new designs for a more sustainable world!

At the same time, I realized that I often thought: 'how nice to be able to invent and design new products…’ During the lockdown there was time again for my own creative process: I did a lot of photographing, I wrote a poem every now and then, I started with screen printing. And meanwhile I started with an assignment to design products for home and living. Just like before. I love it!


And Miss Antenna! 

Years ago I started with the instagram account '@missantenna'. I started sharing my photos, taken during travels and vacations. The antenna refers to foreign countries; in the Netherlands we hardly see them anymore, the amount of antennas on the rooftops. Antennas are receivers and transmitters. The word suits me. All the more so because antennas are also the sense organs of insects. They contain senses of many kinds: smell, taste, touch or hearing.

Recently I expanded this instagram account. I started with the website: 'missantenna.com'. In the future I hope to sell some beautiful products here. My first products are online already: 'Verzin' is a (Dutch) book with poems, written by Monique Huisman and photos and graphic design by me. To match these I have added a number of posters. Soon the shop will be supplemented with cards and related (interior) products.


But what about THJS? 

THJS (Cover) will not return in its current form. Publishing two trend books a year, as we did before the pandemic, means a job for two people with seven months of full-time commitment. A simple calculation quickly shows that it is not feasible for me alone to stop fourteen months of 'trend watching' in one year.

In the coming period I will consider…. in what new form can I inspire you? If there's anything I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask! I look forward to new opportunities and possibilities...

THJS, that's us: Titia Huisman and Joke Scholtalbers, two passionate and creative professionals. We have been advising companies on interior trends for more than twenty-five years.

With our advice you can tailor your collection to the wishes and lifestyle of the consumer. If you base product development on good trend information, it will certainly benefit sales.

No wonder that some companies have been working with our trend books for years on end and successfully base their collection on them!

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Titia has a special antenna when it comes to trends. She is passionate, analytical, and loves beauty and tranquility. She has an eye for details, both for THJS Cover and in her home, wardrobe or, for example, in the photos she loves to take. Here too, the attention and focus for special cut-outs, accents and colors speaks. She shares these photos on @missantenna.

She is the mother of a lovely teenage daughter, runs to stay in shape and enjoys being with friends. She loves the vibrant city life. And a glass of wine ;-)

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