Better together...

How nice is it to share the work you love with someone. Visiting trade fairs together, sparring about new colours, new fabrics, techniques and designs.

I met Bonnie years ago at a trend agency where we both worked. There was an instant click. Friendly and in ‘style’. We have kept in touch all these years and now there is an opportunity to work on new plans together…

Our first project together was The Milan Trend Report. You can order it here...



Bonnie Prins & Titia Huisman. Together we are BOTH


Twenty pages full of inspiration!

In June 2022, the Milan Design Week took place: the ultimate fair in the field of interior design! There we BOTH (Bonnie Prins and I, Titia Huisman) immersed ourselves in the latest colours, materials, shapes and newest developments.

Download your Milan 2022 Trend Report here. In your mailbox right after placing your order! We will show you the main trends, detailed in several mood boards. We will also zoom in on the materials, shapes, designs and colours.

BOTH gives you an overview of everything Milan had to offer! Twenty inspiring pages packed with photos: an analysis of the colours (six sets), patterns, materials, techniques, home textiles, textures and much more!

You will receive the Milan report right after payment via a download link.


Curious about our future plans? We’ve started a new fresh instagram account @both.sights. Here we will keep you informed about everything that inspires us in the field of interior, colour, styling, design and textiles. Every now and then we show mini-moodbards with a nice colour combination. Or we share our findings from trade shows we visit. Follow us on instagram and we'll keep you informed!