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Published on 4 July 2023 at 16:40

Brutalism is an architectural movement that emerged in the 1950s-1970s, characterized by rough, unfinished aesthetics and the prominent use of concrete as a building material. It derives its name from the French term "béton brut," meaning raw concrete. Brutalist buildings are monumental, displaying strength and robustness, with expressive forms and an emphasis on functionality and the relationship with the environment. Although initially criticized, it is now appreciated as architectural heritage and has influenced other disciplines.

In interior design, Brutalism is characterized by a minimalist approach, focusing on functionality and creating spaciousness. Furniture and decorative elements often feature clean and simple forms, evoking a sense of serenity and tranquility. Materials such as concrete, steel, and brick are often left in their natural state, with minimal decoration or finishing, contributing to a raw and industrial look. Robust materials and simple shapes showcase the true nature of the materials, while metal elements are used to create an industrial ambiance. The color palette is typically subdued and neutral, with shades of gray, earth tones, and dark hues, providing a sense of roughness and simplicity to the space. 

Furniture made from raw materials is minimalist in nature, with clean lines and a straightforward design that emphasizes functionality and material usage. Lighting, such as metal pendant lamps or spotlights, is used to illuminate the space and enhance the raw aesthetics, while accent colors are sometimes added for contrast and visual interest.

This style is gaining ground as an interior design trend and provides an interesting counter-reaction to the current colorful interiors and the use of artificial acrylic materials. While many interiors are characterized by vibrancy and transparency, brutalism embraces rough, unpolished aesthetics. These styles are individually intriguing, but when combined, they create innovation. During Milan Design Week, we already saw intriguing combinations of materials such as polymer and concrete cast into a tabletop or fluffy furniture and rugs in a concrete space.

Inspired by this concept, I used AI to generate the images on this page

During my journey of exploration in the world of AI, I will periodically share a blog featuring generated images on my website. If you'd like to see more, feel welcome to follow me on Instagram:

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