Trend Workshop

A well-balanced collection is crucial. Of course, the choice of colors is essential, but it's equally important to have a well-structured collection in terms of prints, design, materials, and textures.

Putting together a collection for a company is a time-consuming and energy-draining process. Often, different individuals contribute to the work, and when the samples finally arrive, it becomes evident that not all elements harmonize effectively. This is a familiar challenge. Can you relate?

A  trend workshop is a solution!  It's an inspiring (half)day during which I collaborate with your purchasing and styling team to kickstart your new collection.

During this workshop, I'll introduce your team to the latest interior trends. Subsequently, they'll work on adapting these trends to suit your company's needs. I'll be available all day to address queries, provide insights, and make adjustments as necessary. By creating visual representations, your team will pinpoint areas of disagreement or interpretation. Together, you'll identify opportunities for enhancing the collection.

Upon completing this workshop, your team will leave with inspirational mood boards that will serve as a guide for your new collection. Most importantly, they will not only discuss the collection but also visualize it from the outset. This shared vision will streamline all follow-up activities, significantly improving your collection and saving valuable time in the process!

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